Raffaella Zammit [b. 1983, Malta] walks, mothers and creates. She works with clay, walking, people and place. She also co-runs an art and cultural centre. She weaves environmental issues and community involvement for socio-cultural transformation. She uses ceramics, walking, photography and other media as a means to develop conversations and deep connections, combining social practice art with socio-environmental contexts. Her current research interest revolves around concepts of im/mobility, islands, motherhood and public space.

Zammit holds a B.A. (Hons) Geography (Melit), an M. Sc. Countryside Conservation and Management (UWE) and an M.A. in Social Practice Art and Critical Education (Melit). Since an early age she has been involved in ceramics through her father, the late ceramic artist Gabriel Caruana (1929 – 2018), learning from an early age how to handle clay, the processes of ceramic art making, and how to manage a ceramic arts studio. Since 2014 Zammit has participated in ceramic courses and seminars and practised in different ceramic studios.

Following a decade working in land use planning and environmental portection, in 2016 she co-founded the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, and as Executive Director she has spearheaded its development as a thriving arts and culture NGO. Since 2020 she is the Co-Creative Director and Programme Manager of the Gabriel Caruana Foundation, and is responsible for its co-creative direction, artistic programming and project management. Zammit has co-/developed and managed several artistic projects that involve different communities and was awarded a number of funded projects including Kreaturi, Nimxu Mixja, ħożż il-ħsejjes, Whereabouts are you from?, SPRING 2022 – 2024, Fresh Fabrik, SKOPRI to name a few. In 2020, together with her collaborators of Nimxu Mixja, she was awarded the Premju Għall-Arti Best Project in the Community Category. 

email: hello@raffaellazammit.com

instagram: @raffaellaz